Are you or a loved one currently suffering from addiction?

It’s time to understand addiction
and learn how to get help.

Do you have a problem with addiction?

Is a member of your family member suffering in silence? Or perhaps not so silent? Either way, it’s important to understand what addiction is and what signs to look for in order to help yourself or a loved one. Every addiction is a compulsive need to use a substance that results in physical and psychological dependencies. If the substance is stopped, withdrawal symptoms occur.


The signs of every addiction include physical changes in appearance, anxiety, mood swings, denial of the addiction, and a break down in personal relationships. It’s also vital to understand there are several different types of drugs that are addictive. While these various drug and alcohol addictions may come with different side effects and withdrawal symptoms, the need for recovery is always the same. That’s why it’s important to find inpatient drug rehab programs that use evidence-based treatment.

Types of Addiction


Also known as alcoholism, this addiction leads to a dependency on alcoholic beverages to function. Symptoms can include an increase in tolerance, denial, and an extreme, compulsive interest in drinking.

Prescription Drugs

Painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin have become the most abused prescription drugs on the market. Other abused prescription medications are depressants for anxiety and sleeping problems as well as stimulants prescribed for ADHD.


The nicotine found in tobacco products is one of the most used addictive substances in America. The most popular tobacco products in use are cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and cigars.  


This substance is the second most popular illegal drug in use, second to marijuana. It’s most often snorted or injected. When manipulated into crack cocaine it is smoked.


A street opioid, this drug is highly addictive and one of the main causes of the current opioid epidemic. Users can either smoke, snort, or inject the substance. It’s high potency makes it one of the deadliest addictive substances.


Also known as meth, this drug’s popularity stems from its long high, low cost, and accessibility. It is usually manufactured in street labs which makes the dosage and effects unpredictable, highly addictive and dangerous.