The world around you is difficult at best. You look everywhere to see news reports of deaths and the number of people at risk of COVID-19. You also hear the professionals stating that everyone needs to stay at home, indoors, away from everyone else, and alone. You’re scared. You’re also feeling depression symptoms rise. If you are like many other people with depression symptoms, but you’re unsure what you can do to overcome your current feelings, your first step is to reach out for depression treatment during COVID-19.

Know When to Call for Depression Treatment During COVID-19

If you are already getting depression treatment during COVID-19, that means you have someone to reach out to right now for support. When you feel the signs and symptoms of depression are growing in your daily life, take the time to contact that professional. If they are not holding office appointments, they may offer to speak to you over the phone or in an online chat. Your first step any time your current depression treatment is not working for you, is to call this professional or another one for immediate help.

Focus on What You Really Can Control

Another important tactic for managing life and depression in a time like this is to focus on what you can control. You cannot control the spread of COVID-19 beyond a certain point. You also cannot stop the economy from failing or your children being home all day without anything to do. However, there are simple things you can do that can provide you with a bit of support.

Follow Doctor’s Orders for Depression Treatment During COVID-19

Do what the doctors and experts say to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Wash your hands like they tell you to. Use sanitizer when you are out in public and practice social distancing (not coming in close contact). Doing this can help you feel as though you are doing something good.

Follow any depression treatment exercises your therapist recommends. It is vital to do everything you can to improve your mental health.

Sleep Well

Get enough sleep. Stress and depression can tax the body significantly, even making you feel like you ran a marathon. Getting enough sleep will give your body the time to recover and to reset. Make it a point to get enough physical exercise during the day that you are tired enough to sleep at night.

If you are too anxious to sleep, discuss telehealth anxiety counseling options.

Continue Depression Treatment During COVID-19

Focus on your current depression therapy. If you are taking medications for it, be sure to continue to do so. If you are supposed to do anything else, such as come in for a therapist appointment, be sure to reach out to your team to learn more about what you should do.

Go Outdoors

While you should continue to avoid physical contact and groups of people, you can still spend time outdoors. This is a good time to clean up the yard or to go for a long walk. Being outdoors can help with your depression, too. It can help give you access to Vitamin D from the sun, which can boost your immune system and your overall health.

Focus on Your Family

What have you put off for a long time that you can do now? Perhaps it is helping your son or daughter to organize their room. You may want to spend some time having a spa day all to yourself. You may have wanted to read a book or enjoy a few family meals around the table again.

COVID-19 can cause tremendous stress on whole families. Consider a video chat with your therapist for family counseling.

Depression Treatment During COVID-19 at Remedy Therapy

Depression is a very real problem in situations like this. That’s normal. As you feel the frustrations of what is happening build up, continue your depression treatment during COVID-19. Learn what you can do to help support a healthy outlook on life. You can also find yourself empowered by doing small things to help ease the anxious and depressed feelings you have. Whenever you need to, be sure to contact Remedy Therapy by calling 855.874.3390 to speak with mental health professionals in your area for additional guidance and support.

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